renewcast in a nuthshell

Renewcast aims to be the leading global player in the renewable forecasting services market. Our launching service is a Saas day ahead and intraday wind power generation forecasting service, with a superior reliability performance 3-5 time better than global competitors.

Problem & Opportunity

We solve the biggest headache in the global renewable power generation market: the cost of balancing the energy networks by each and every TSO (Transmission Service Provider) and the connected unbalancing cost for every operator (utilities, traders), across the globe.

The current unbalancing cost for our potential Clients is quantifiable in about 20-30 Bil€/year at global level in 2030. With our forecasting reliability we can reduce it by 80%.

Business Model

We have a Win-Win premium price for premium service B2B model. 
We offers a price formula linearly linked to the performances: 10% of unbalancing costs savings

competitive advantage

Superior forecasting performance and risk-sharing pricing formula. Proprietary ML models for meteo forecasting optimization, input data cleaning, turbine data enrichment and forecasting.

Our values

We stand for our values in whatever we do

Passion for what we do - If you do a work that you love, you will never work a day in your life. We love what we do, for the renewable energy industry, for our clients and for our company. We are looking for people enthusiastic for renewable energy, Data science, Machine learning, and most important of all for a passion to build a great company.

Client partnership & value - We are striving for long term partnership with our Clients, building and continuously improving their effectiveness on the energy markets through our forecasting services. We are committed to deliver value to our Clients by providing superior performance, reliable delivery, managing Clients' data complexity and sharing risk/benefit of our industry.

Entrepreneurship - The founding spirit of our team, the propelling source of our action in everything we do. We work for the long term value of our company .

Teamwork - Teamwork as a mean to reach results and let our people grow, learn, deliver. No one is left alone, everyone is expected to contribute at every level of the company

Respect - Respect is listening to each other, considering other needs, position, goal, aspirations in everything we do. Respect is openly and constructively discuss, to reach not necessarily a common opinion although a united and solid commitment to action .

Trust - Trust for each other is at the base of our daily action and long term future of our company. Trust for us means to count on others as on ourselves

Share the value we build - We are committed to grow the value of our company and share results with all our people.

Result oriented - We strive to get our results, as individual, as team and as a company. We work and behave with the “end in mind”. We plan-do-check-act to define what is best to do, we are not afraid of mistakes because they are the source of experience and future performance

Learn, Be Curious, Invent & Improve - Never stop to learn, imagine new solutions for the renewable forecasting industry, map, collect or develop leading edge theoretical research that can be deployed in sustainable deep-tech solutions. We continuously strive to improve ourselves, our solutions and forecasting performance