Forecasting as a Service

An unmatched wind power generation prediction

Superior Performance

Forecasting error as low as 7% nMAE 2-3 times better the global market benchmark



Digital Twin Technology

Peerless forecasting precision with Deep Learning Digital Twin



Unbalancing Cost Savings

Up to 50% reduction in global unbalancing cost for energy operators



Data Complexity Management

We manage the complexity of the data provided by the Customers



Wind Power Generation Forecasting

  • Intra-day, day ahead, 48 hours and medium term (up to 15 days) forecasting.
  • API direct access to retrieve forecasting.
  • Forecasts update every hour.
  • Client UI with parametric reports configuration and data download.

Advanced Cloud-Based Platform

We have an Azure cloud based platform based on proprietary deep learning models and data pipeline management with proprietary meteo data forecast optimization, turbine data correction and enrichment and unique digital twin of each turbine.

Our platform is capable to modeling the chaotic behavior of wind and turbine on every single geographical point in the world, and it is fully scalable and ready to support large corporate wind portfolio.

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Profit Enhancement through Premium Service

Beyond its technical prowess, Renewcast's business model is equally innovative.

  • We operate on a win-win principle, offering a premium service with pricing directly tied to performance.

  • Clients gain up to 3-4 €/MWh of dispatched energy while paying up to 20% of the benefit.

  • We guarantee mutual benefit and promote trust in the commitment of long-term partnerships.


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Pioneering Precision in Wind Energy Forecasting

Renewcast was founded in 2020 by a team of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the energy and information technology sectors.

We have also partnered with MindTitan and Beamline Accelerator and Helen Ventures and Tech4Planet as our shareholders. In addition to its founders, Renewcast is backed by both venture capital and public innovation funding.

Renewcast Team

We believe in what we do, we do it with passion and trust, we share the same value
Fabio Nicolò

Over 30 years of experience in management consulting, mainly in the energy sector in Italy, Europe and the USA. Master's Degree at Stanford USA, graduated in Electronic Engineering, with a specialization in Industrial Automation.

Ugo Mattoni
COO & CO-Founder

Over 37 years of managerial experience in the energy sector in Italy and Europe. Master’s Degree graduated in Mechanical Engineering, with an MBA from Luiss Business School.

Sibgat Ullah

AI enthusiast with 5+ years solid hands-on experience devising, implementing, and operationalizing AI/ML algorithms. PhD in computer science and data science at Leiden University (NL). Master in Machine Learning from University la Sapienza (Rome - IT).  

Lincoln Blevans
Advisory Board Member & BD for US

An executive in the global energy industry for nearly 30 years, focused on electric power and sustainability, from start-ups and emerging technologies to independent power project development to utilities and 24/7 operations. 

Marco Piscopiello
Product Optimization Lead

An experience, committed and enthusiastic professional with more than 12 years of experience in the energy sector, power and demand forecasting, data science, and data architectures and Project Management.

Karl Kaspar Haavel
Data Scientist

Data scientist with extensive predictive analytics experience across trading and energy sector (oil, power, renewables), with a keen interest in leveraging data and advanced statistical methods/AI to predict the future

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Elhaam Hosseinnejad
Sales Intern

Elham studied Economics and Communication for Management and Innovation  at Sapienza University. She will bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to our sales department

Giulia Albanese
Digital Marketing Intern

Giulia will bring new fresh ideas, creativity and a passion for digital marketing. She is set to amplify Renewcast's message in the dynamic world of renewable energy.

Our Values

Passion for what we do

If you do a work that you love, you will never work a day in your life. 

We love what we do, for the renewable energy industry, for our clients and for our company. 

Result Oriented

We strive to get our results, as individual, as team and as a company.

We employ the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, embracing mistakes as learning opportunities for enhanced future performance.


Teamwork as a mean to reach results and let our people grow, learn, deliver.

No one is left alone, everyone is expected to contribute at every level of the company. 


Respect is listening to each other, considering other needs, position, goal, aspirations in everything we do.

We prioritize treating every individual with dignity, fairness, and kindness.

Learn, Be curious, Invent and Improve

Never stop to learn, imagine new solutions for the renewable forecasting industry, map, collect or develop leading edge theoretical research that can be deployed in sustainable deep- tech solutions.

We continuously strive to improve ourselves, our solutions and forecasting performance.


Trust for each other is at the base of our daily action and long term future of our company. 

Trust for us means to count on others as on ourselves. We believe that trust is earned through transparency, reliability, and consistency in our actions. 

Share the value we build

We are committed to grow the value of our company and share results with all our people. 

Our commitment to sharing extends beyond our products and services to include knowledge, resources, and opportunities for growth. 

Client partnership & value

We are striving for long term partnership with our Clients, enhancing their energy market effectiveness through continuous improvement in our forecasting services.

We are committed to deliver value to our Clients by providing superior performance, reliable delivery, managing Clients' data complexity and sharing risk/benefit of our industry.

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